Machine Vision

TriDelta Systems provides customers with the highest quality of vision solutions through the use of the latest technology.

We partner with our clients

Our working style is to partner with our clients, in effect becoming a part of your engineering team. Our goal is to provide you with a cost-effective, working solution to your machine vision problems. Our management team will work closely with you during the proposal process, listening and understanding your specific requirements, and offering ideas consistent with industrial machine vision capabilities today. After our proposal is accepted, our engineers work directly with your engineer to develop a robust solution. We stay in constant contact during the development process with weekly conference calls and (at times) daily phone and e-mail interchange.

Our management team is always available to work with you in case issues arise. When the software development is complete, TriDelta Systems will help install and integrate the custom solution into your machine or process. We will “stay” with you during the entire integration process to ensure that you have a system that meets your stated requirements.

A proven track record.

TriDelta Systems has a proven track record of successful machine vision applications in a wide variety of industries using different technologies. One in particular is an application where infrared technology is used for detecting part defects. We recently installed an infrared vision system at Nypro Kanaak in Dothan, Alabama. With this new technology the manufacture is able to detect and reject defective parts from being shipped to their end user. This system is detecting parts on this particular machine at approximately 200 parts per minute.