Prologic+ “The Wood Transformation Process”

1 July 2013
 July 1, 2013

Prologic+ Offerings to the Wood Industry

For 18 plus years, Prologic+ has been developing automation and optimizations for the wood industry. Prologic+ has developed a number of systems designed to increase productivity while maintaining lumber quality and efficiency.

Like TriDelta Systems, knowing that every factory is unique, Prologic+ takes pride in their ability to find the solutions to the challenges our customers have.


Prologic Systems

Prologic+ True Shape and 3D Scanner


1. True Shape Pro Log Sorter / 3D Pro Log Sorter

This System is used to maximize log fiber in determining the true shape and profile of the logs. This process is possible by the aid of 3 to 4 sensors, which can be equipped with a total of 2 cameras per sensor.  Factory calibrated sensors allows for a fast and user-friendly change of sensors when needed. Eliminating the task of laser and camera alignments.

Once the log has been scanned the information is then sent to a optimization software known as OptiSim. This software uses a set of complex algorithms to determine saw patterns and bin destination based on true shape log profiles.

2. Pro Log Turner

Once the logs have passed though the sensors, advanced algorithms turn the logs to their optimal position before processing.

3. Pro Log  Scanner

The log or cant model generated is then sent to the optimizer software program to apply the best cutting pattern solution based on a predefined set of parameters.

4. ProTrimmer / ProEdger / Transversal Scanner

This Scanner is equipped with multiple sensors, located on the top and bottom of the scanner frame. This allows for differential thickness reading for providing best accuracy. The geometrical 3D and 2D vision model of boards are sent to an optimizer to provide the best solutions according to a predefined set of parameters.

TriDelta Systems is a proud partner of Prologic+.

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