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Calling on all the core competencies of the various departments at TriDelta Systems, the robotics department brings together Mechanical & Electrical engineering, fabrication, machining, assembly, project management and field services & programming. Our clients have come to rely on the highly effective robotic cells deployed by the team at TriDelta in conjunction with our client to meet their specific needs.

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We are devoted to:


Delivering Cutting Edge Technology 
To Our Clients

TriDelta Systems Robotics Division is an ABB value provider located in Abbeville Alabama. Being able to draw on the full resources of TriDelta Systems means that the robotics division is able to take on a wide variety of robotic projects and challenges.  Benefits of our robotic work cells include increased worker productivity, fast ROI, improved ergonomics and lower capital expenditures than you might expect. Contact our experienced team and let us help you with your robotics projects.  

TriDelta Systems Robotics Division is an ABB value provider located in Abbeville Alabama. 

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Each robotic project starts as a proposal (quote) and then if the project is awarded moves to an active job. Throughout this process lots of CAD data is created. TDS manages and leverages this data by use of SolidWorks, AutoDesk's Inventor and RobotStudio as well as many other support platforms. Our experienced Mechanical and Electrical engineers are skilled at customer communications through the exchange of 2D and 3D drawings as well as web meetings, videos and 3D simulations. See your robotic project before it even begins. 


Industrial programming is one of the core competencies at TriDelta Systems and this tradition is extended to the robotics division. As an ABB value provider TDS has several skilled programmers in the RAPID programming platform. However, our programming skills goes far beyond just robots. As an integrator our team can help make your projects a success and maintain high levels of functionality through our knowledge of multi-platform ladder logic, conversation languages, data base programming, various HMI platforms and many more platforms. 


The "End of Arm Tooling" also known as the robot end effector is a crucial aspect of a successful robot project. At TDS Robotics division we leverage our experience in machine design and mechanical engineering to make sure you get the tooling that best fits your needs. Sometimes that means the use of an off the shelf gripper or vacuum gripper. Sometimes it requires a custom solution to handle your unique product and needs. Sometimes it's a combination of the these techniques. The key is to make sure your EOAT does the job with a long life span, maximum throughput while maintaining the integrity of your product. 


You can rely on TriDelta Systems for support and maintenance of your robotics and other industrial systems. This might require and team of our electricians, millwrights and / or programmers to be onsite. Often, however, programming changes can be made (when required) remotely. This goes hand in hand with training and start up assistance. Allow our professionals train your employees in safety, process and robot control and know that we will be there when you need our support.

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Proposal & Simulations

To determine the ROI of robotic projects, our customers have come to rely on the TriDelta Systems Robotic Division team for proposals and simulations. With our 3D simulations, cycle times can be reliably calculated. This is critical to accurately predict product throughput.

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Proof of Manufacturing

Our 60,000+ sq. ft. production and R&D facility allows us to perform a full proof of manufacturing before installation. At this phase the programming, electrical and mechanical engineering can all be tested to assure the quickest possible installation with the least amount of down-time. 

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Our crews are fully and continuously trained in safety procedures and travel the full lower 48 states to perform robotic work cell installations. When you engage the TDS Robotics division you can rest assured that your project will be seen through to a timely installation with complete customer sign off and acceptance.   

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Larry Povlacs

Director of Robotics Div.

Tel: 334-585-1151 / Ext: 7013

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